Friday, September 12, 2014

"Old White Guys"

Saturday, there were escorts, so very little information was shared on the sidewalk. But it was interesting: all the escorts at my gate were "old white guys." Isn't that what "they" say makes up the pro-life community? I would have sworn I've heard that slur. Well, Saturday the "old white guys" were guarding the gates of PP.
One even had a button that read, "I (heart) pro-choice girls." This on a white-haired, long-haired, old hippie type male. Reckon he "loved" them because they wouldn't mind destroying the evidence? It was a little scary to me!
Was it the same guy? I'm not sure of that, but one of the guys had lots of bumper stickers on his car. One read: There is no flag big enough to cover the shedding of innocent blood. That one I liked! But why was it on HIS car? Apparently, he didn't see the irony of his guarding PP's ability to shedding MUCH innocent blood while his bumper sticker proclaimed it evil.
Saturday was the Walk for Life. I did NOT make my goal of $1200 (It's wrong on the website, and there's a gremlin living there who won't let me fix it.) However, the Coalition says we have until October 4th to get some more money. Sooo, if you have a spare dime...
Tuesday we saved just one baby - the baby God wanted most that day. Surely He NEVER started a baby just to be aborted, but He gave us that free will.
Oh, that one day we all choose to do what HE wants.
40 Days for Life starts Wednesday, September 24th with SYATP. Day before that is the Kick-Off and Pastor's Dinner in Conroe; day after is the WPCC Fundraising Banquet at Camp Allen.
On your mark...

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